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I grew up in a family that had no prior experience with water sports, but that changed when my parents decided to get a house on a private ski lake, with the goal of becoming “lakers.” We would often watch skiers on the lake, and eventually, my parents and I decided to try it out ourselves. This marked the beginning of my journey into competitive water skiing. For a few years, we skied just for fun during the summer, but when I turned 8, my dad stopped coaching basketball, allowing him to teach my sister and me how to use the course and figure out how it worked himself. This was when I became fully hooked on competitive water skiing. Over the past nine years, I’ve been fortunate enough to have numerous opportunities that have taken me to another level in both skiing and swimming. As I progressed in skiing, I realized that I needed to train even harder during the off-season. Training in Florida has given me the chance to take my skiing to the next level while opening a door to my swimming career, and I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to study and swim at Florida Gulf Coast University, just minutes away from where I train for skiing.


Water Skiing started my journey

Growing up, my parents were both accomplished athletes, with my father having been a basketball coach for many years and my mother a Division I high jumper. When I was young, my family moved to Camelot Lake, where my parents decided to teach my sister and me the ins and outs of waterskiing, while also learning the sport themselves. I’ve been hooked on waterskiing ever since I was five years old. At the age of nine, I participated in my first tournament and have since excelled in competing at the Junior World elite level.

Water Ski Training

I currently train at Camelot Lake in Milford, Indiana, and during the off-season, I also train at Alico Lake in Fort Myers, Florida. A typical training session involves my dad and sister, who are both very supportive of my passion for waterskiing. My dad drives the boat and helps maintain my equipment, and my sister is always there to give me competition and support throughout my training.

Favorite Ski Memories

  • Won my first nationals in 2019 at West Palm Beach, Florida.
  • Competed for Team USA at the Canadian American Games.
  • Made and skied in the finals at the U17 Junior World Championships at Pickos Water Ski School in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, placing 10th.
  • Traveled to Italy to ski in the Junior Challenge at San Gervasio, skiing in the head-to-head finals and securing third place.

I love…

  • Spending time with my family
  • Playing with my dog Buoy
  • Traveling
  • Skiing with my friends
  • Swimming


Water skiing connecting to swimming

Water skiing has had a significant impact on my swimming ability, and cross-training between these two sports has helped me achieve a level that I never thought was possible. My experience in water skiing has translated into better performance in swimming, and it has allowed me to reach my goals of being a national-level swimmer. Moreover, water skiing has provided me with opportunities to take my swimming skills to the next level by competing at the Division One level for the next four years at Florida Gulf Coast University.

Cross Training

Cross-training in water skiing and swimming has allowed me to achieve an elite level in both sports. The skills I develop in one sport often transfer to the other, helping me improve my overall performance. Both sports have opened many doors and provided me with numerous opportunities to excel and pursue my passion for them.

Training and competing with my sister

My sister is not only my sibling but also my best friend. She is always there to support me and is someone I can count on to be proud of my accomplishments. We are both competitive by nature and often compete against each other. When she does well, I feel like I have also accomplished something, and vice versa. Together, we have accomplished many things and I’m grateful for her support and friendship.




  • 10th place U17 Junior World Championships in slalom
  • 2019 National U14 Slalom Champion
  • 2015 National U10 Slalom Most Improved
  • 2020 USA National Jr. Development Team
  • 2022 USA National Jr. Development Team
  • 2X National Midwest All-Star Team – 2019 Gold
  • Multiple National Slalom Podiums
  • Multiple MW Regional Slalom & Overall Champion
  • 3X Midwest Junior Elite Team Member
  • Multiple MW Regional Most Improved Awards
  • Multiple Indiana Slalom, Trick, Jump & Overall Champion
  • 2X Jr. US Open U17 Slalom Qualifier
  • 2019 USA Can-Am Team Member – Gold Individual Slalom
  • Girls 2 Indiana State Slalom Record Holder
  • Girls 2 MW Region “Record Tournaments” 4@35off 32mph Record Holder
  • Girls 2 MW Regional “All-Tournaments” 2@38off 32 mph Record Holder


  • Committed to swim D1 at Florida Gulf Coast University
  • Made summer junior national cut in the 50 free
  • Placed 24 in summer nationals in the 50 free
  • 8 pool records
  • 4 School records
  • 8th place in 200 free relay at summer nationals
  • 3rd place at winter junior nationals in 300 free relay
  • 7th place at winter junior nationals in 200 medley relay
  • 6th place in the 50 free at Indiana High School State Championships 2022
  • 6th place in 100 free at Indiana High School State Championships 2022
  • 5th place in 50 free and 100 free at Indiana High School State Championships 2023